A BE POSITIVE HOUR a day keeps the Devil at bay

    1 Oct 2014

    “#BePositiveHour #BlackandWhite Message Card Recording life is taking photos when the subject is unaware… With nature there’s no difficulty, it’s people that’s the problem.”

    30 Sep 2014

    “#BePositiveHour Message Cards … When you do someone a kindness, it is returned manifold by He who stands at the pearly gates.”

    29 Sep 2014

    “#BePositiveHour Message Card For #Writers… A shrewd woman chooses her man but makes him think he chose her.”

    26 Sep 2014

    “#BePositiveHour Message Cards … Reality would be unbearable if we didn’t have a dream.”

    26 Sep 2014

    “#BePositiveHour Message Card … Friends come and go, family are forever.”

    23 Sep 2014

    “BePositiveHour – Message Card … I know love may seem eternal when you are in love, but it’s not . There’s only one eternal love and it’s not human.”

    22 Sep 2014

    “#BePositiveHour For #Writers Message Card… When evoking passion it is well to remember certain parts of our bodies are more receptive than others- that’s why we kiss lips and not elbows.”

    19 Sep 2014

    “#BePositiveHour Message Cards … The essence to being happy is not life without sorrow but finding an antidote when it strikes.”

    18 Sep 2014

    “#BePositiveHour Message Cards … Treasures are made of a multitude of unseen things revealed in the face of art”

    17 Sep 2014

    “#BePositiveHour For #Writers… Message Card I have to laugh when I say: I write because I have to- So does going to the toilet!”