A BE POSITIVE HOUR a day keeps the Devil at bay

    23 Jul 2014

    “#BePositiveHour Things not going right? Do something you like.”

    21 Jul 2014

    “#BePositiveHour For #Writers…
    The web is an ideal place where writers can renew themselves continuously.”

    20 Jul 2014

    “#BePositiveHour What gives light, beauty and wonder to the body, is the soul.”

    19 Jul 2014

    “#BePositiveHour: Seeing with the heart overlooks the corns on people’s toes.”

    18 Jul 2014

    “#BePositiveHour For #Writers… I can understand why some writers write only for themselves. Writing is by virtue of its essences self-revealing and the written word seldom lies.”

    17 Jul 2014

    “#BePositiveHour After a walk I always come back with bundles of thoughts that play around my head.”

    16 Jul 2014

    “#BePositiveHour Most Writers need by nature be genuinely humble… since arrogance shows through every word written.”

    15 Jul 2014

    “#BePositiveHour Do something different today, because you can.”

    14 Jul 2014

    “#BePositiveHour Often, being right is understanding what a person is saying, not what you think they said.”

    13 Jul 2014

    “#BePositiveHour For #Writers…
    As Mother Teresa said: to achieve great works we have to be a pencil in God’s hand… Writers, however, mustn’t forget the eraser.”
    —  @EvaUlian